THE NOVELS OF MICHAEL JEFFERY BLAIR are works of contemporary fiction that connect to our rapidly evolving, cross-media, cross-device world and reflect a global culture yet seek interconnections. The Midwest Book Review has said of his writing: “…author Michael Jeffrey Blair is a literary talent. His stories are inherently engaging and deftly written from beginning to end as he weaves  complex and skillfully crafted novels populated with memorable characters against a background of contemporary social issues.” 

Editorial reviews of his new novel The Labyrinth in Winter include: “It is a rich, intriguing and nuanced novely…intense, insightful and authentic, the characters and plot are complex and balanced…clearly a novel from a writer who loves his work and is dedicated to the craft.”  And from the respected Kirkus Review: “The rarified worlds of high finance and grand opera collide in this complex murder mystery…Michael Jeffery Blair, the author of Sudden Rivers (2014), writes a novel that exudes a palpable rage against dark money and ruthless puppet masters in pursuit of power. A worthwhile investment for those interested in whodunits, social justice, and the work of Giuseppe Verdi.” From Book Life/Publishers Weekly, “Blair’s novel features twin plotlines that are exciting and feel wholly original. His prose is vivid and lyrical while characters are expertly drawn and multidimensional. Readers will tear through ‘The Labyrinth in Winter’ to learn more about their relationships and origins. The author is particularly adept at describing the beauty and importance of art.”  Select one of the books below for a full synopsis of each, to read a sample online and go to the online store where you can purchase copies in fine print editions or any ebook format.