All the Hidden Words.

Tonight I hear sirens. I don’ t know if it’s cops, fire or ambulance — or if war has finally reached our Western home. There is no explanation for these sounds. Like the night Russia invaded Ukraine and I woke from a dead sleep to the deafening thunder of a massive explosion. There was a […]

The murky world of dark money and Wall Street collide in this complex mystery.

AN EXCERPT FROM THE NOVEL: The crimson rowing shell sliced the Harlem River like a stiletto. Reflections of the city on its glassine surface were barely disturbed as he drew his knees up tight, racing forward, feathering the oars that hovered millimeters above the water, then cut into it again with a ferocious rhythm. The […]

Suddenly, it’s not safe for anyone in Egypt, especially an American, especially one with mysterious powers.

AN EXCERPT FROM THE NOVEL: The line that divided the past from the future was like wire pulled taut. Parrish liked to roam that path, it was his domain. Each time he left Cairo the substance to his life was wrenched from him leaving a hollow he could not fill until he returned. Like departing […]

Two men will find redemption in a floating gold town far up the Amazon, if somebody doesn’t find them first.

AN EXCERPT FROM THE NOVEL: Sudden beauty. The sky erupted crimson, aflame for as far as anyone could see. The great movement of day becoming night took place across a landscape filled with hushed and breathless whispers. The Mato Grosso was subdued by its humid kiss. Bahia surrendered. Amazonas rejoiced a thousand miles from the […]

An enigmatic genius discovers it. A woman obsessed with power exploits it. One man will risk everything to find the truth behind it.

AN EXCERPT FROM THE NOVEL: “He’s come up with something,” the man sitting in the darkness said excitedly. His voice had a mature certainty that marked him as someone with a strong vested interest. His sweating hands gripped the cool arms of a buttery leather chair, “I don’t know what it is yet…but it’s something […]