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All the Hidden Words.

Tonight I hear sirens. I don’ t know if it’s cops, fire or ambulance — or if war has finally reached our Western home. There is no explanation for these sounds. Like the night Russia invaded Ukraine and I woke from a dead sleep to the deafening thunder of a massive explosion. There was a […]

Two men will find redemption in a floating gold town far up the Amazon, if somebody doesn’t find them first.

AN EXCERPT FROM THE NOVEL: Sudden beauty. The sky erupted crimson, aflame for as far as anyone could see. The great movement of day becoming night took place across a landscape filled with hushed and breathless whispers. The Mato Grosso was subdued by its humid kiss. Bahia surrendered. Amazonas rejoiced a thousand miles from the […]

An enigmatic genius discovers it. A woman obsessed with power exploits it. One man will risk everything to find the truth behind it.

AN EXCERPT FROM THE NOVEL: “He’s come up with something,” the man sitting in the darkness said excitedly. His voice had a mature certainty that marked him as someone with a strong vested interest. His sweating hands gripped the cool arms of a buttery leather chair, “I don’t know what it is yet…but it’s something […]